About The Blog

So Why The Speech Blog?

Something I learned during college was the importance of reflection on everything we do. In part, this blog is a place for me to look back on my experiences and think about them in a meaningful way.

With that said, maybe my thoughts and experiences can be helpful to others! So I plan to follow my journey from my initial interest in SLP to my adventures as a one-day practitioner.

Here Are The Topics I Write About…

The Grad School Admission Process

I am fascinated by the black box that is the admissions process. There are many hidden rules and things that admissions committee will not say. Usually, they are things they¬†cannot say for many good reasons. So, I’ve sort of taken it upon myself to decide the process as best I can.

Surviving and Thriving in Grad School

Graduate school is a unique endeavor. I’m no expert on it yet, but I’d like to share what I learn on the way! Study tips, strategies to save time, and occasionally some entertainment to keep you sane.