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Resources and Downloads

These are some documents I’ve created to help you in your journey! Each one is link that should begin to download the described file when you click it.

  • Form for Documenting SLP Observation Hours (pdf)
    • This is a sample form to document any observation hours you’re doing. The front side is almost exactly what my program actually uses. The backside is optional, but I recommend doing it because you’ll get more out of the observations (and maybe impress someone with your thoroughness!)
  • Practice Questions for Admissions Interview (pdf)
    • These are some sample questions for SLP grad school admissions interviews. If you know of more questions, please email them to me!
  • Printable School Research Sheet (pdf)
    • This is a simple 1-page document you can use in your initial research of grad schools
  • Application Manager (excel)
    • This is a pretty big excel sheet that you can use to manage your applications. It scrolls to the right. The first section is the name of the school, then comes the “background” info that might be useful to have handy. Finally, in the third section you should “check off” different parts of the application as they’re submitted. For example, once you’ve sent a school your GRE scores, put “Sent” and when the school confirms they have them, changed to “Received”.
    • A tip, for the Letters of Rec, use the person’s name + status. So, “Dr. Bob – requested” or “Dr. Bob – submitted.”
    • Under “Website Login” just copy and paste the link for quick access. If it is CSDCAS, you can note that too.