About Money and Affiliates

So, hosting this blog costs money. It’s only about $7 a month, but it is worth it because I enjoy writing and reflecting. I use affiliates to try to help cover the cost, anything extra goes to good causes like paying off student debt and scholarships.

What are affiliates?

It is pretty simple. I share a link to a product (like these cool notepads that I want, and yes that’s an affiliate link) and if you click on the link and buy something, I earn a small commission. We’re talking about something in the ballpark of 2-4%.

All affiliate links will be marked as such.

Do I recommend just any random products?

don’t recommend just any old thing. And no one asked me to put the links up, and I don’t earn money just from having them up.

You may have noticed that I recommend Magoosh on my blog. I recommend it because it really did help me raise my GRE score by 17 points. Magoosh does not pay me to have the posts on my blog, nor did they ask me to write it. I wrote the post because Magoosh is something that I believe can help people conquer the GRE.

What do I do with the millions I’m earning?

To be honest I’ve earned a grand total of $32.70. What am I going to do with the money?

  1. Pay monthly web-hosting fee’s to keep TheSpeechBlog.com running
  2. Pay off my student loans

Once I get those two things done (and we all know that #2 will take a while), I will reassess my goals. I’d like to funnel a profits into charity. Here are somethings I’m day dreaming about…

  • A scholarship for students studying SLP
  • A scholarship to help graduates pay off student loan debt
  • Small research grants for SLP students doing a thesis / dissertation
  • Professional development grants to help cover conference & travel costs


How can you help?

If you read about a product here and you decide to purchase it (like Magoosh for example), click on the link. If you don’t decide to buy it until a few days later, please come back and use the link. Or if you’re going to shop on Amazon, come and use one the affiliate links.

Those few extra seconds will help spread the wealth, part of which will get funneled into scholarships for SLP.